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GST Surrender?

We can help you fulfil all the formalities for GST cancellation and surrendering of your GST certificate.

When do we opt for GST Cancellation:

There are certain circumstances that may compel a taxpayer to opt for a surrender of GST registration. Given below are some of the cases where a tax assessee may opt for GST cancellation procedure:

  • An accidental GST registration, that can cause unnecessary GST liability.  
  • If the turnover of an individual is below ₹20 lakhs, and he has registered under GST, he can opt for GST cancellation.
  • Dissolution or amalgamation of business, GST cancellation procedure is a must to avoid getting tax notices from the government.
  • Suppose government raises the threshold for GST registration, and you get out from its cover, you can opt for GST cancellation India.
  • In case of a take-over bid, surrender of GST registration is a must or the GST tax liability will continue to arise under the previous owner’s name. 

What’s included in our package?

GST Cancellation Certificate

Procedure For GST Return

Share Your Documents

You are required to fill your details in our simple questionnaire and submit documents.

Verification of Documents

Details provided by you will be verified and we will apply for cancellation.

Submission Of Document

Our professional will file Cancellation Form of GST with GST department.

Your Work Is Completed

On successful submission of application, our team will provide you with an acknowledgment.

Documents Required For GST Return

Frequently asked questions

Generally, it takes about one month for the GST cancellation after your surrender your GST registration certificate.

There are certain circumstances in which the government can cancel a person’s GST certificate-
  • Non-filing of GST Returns for 6 months subsequently
  • Non-payment of GST
  • Violation of GST laws
  • No business activity after GST registration in the 6 months subsequently.
  • Non-filing of GST Returns for 3 months subsequently in case of the Composite scheme.
If your GST registration is likely to be cancelled by order, the GST authority will send you a show cause notice to which you will have to give a suitable reply within 7 days.
If your reply to the show cause notice is not found satisfactory, the GST department will send an order in FORM GST REG-19 stating the reason for GST cancellation by order.

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