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Trade License?

Every business organization needs a trade license from regulators, be it the municipal corporation or the state government. Trade License is a document that gives permission and certifies you to carry on a particular trade or business for which it is issued. It does not give ownership of property or permission for any other activity other than for which it is issued. 

The municipal corporation authorizes license department and allots licenses in consultation with other specific consultative departments like Health, Engineering, Estate and others of the same type.

 In perspective of this, it is essential for any business establishments to take primary licenses from the License Department before beginning manufacturing, exchange or storage of any activity. The application has to be filed with the Commissioner in the Corporation 30 days before the start of business. While filing, the business has to submit all the mandatory documents.

What is included in our package?

Eligibility Consultation
Document Preparation
Application Drafting
Application Filing
Trade Lisense

Procedure for Trade License

Share Your Documents

You are required to fill your details in our simple questionnaire and submit documents.

Verification of Documents

Details provided by you will be verified and we will apply for license.

Submission Of Document

We will create all the required documents and applications and file them on your behalf.

Your Work Is Completed

Your License will be sent through mail. It is suggested to keep 2-3 copies of it.

Documents Required for Trade Licence

Frequently asked questions

The municipal authority of the particular state is the accountable body for the issuance of the trade license.

Every trader involved in a general trading activity within the national limits of any municipal corporation is needed to get a trade license. The class of trade license varies from state to state and is based on the nature of the business.
Renewal period is from January first to March 31st of every year
Give the reason behind why you have not renewed your license. Fill the due fees alongside fine, the present year fees and afterwards start your business.

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